Moving to the darkside….

I’ve recently switched from my Windows 7 desktop PC to an Apple iMac running OS X, so I think my Zune HD days are numbered. The reason being, Microsoft doesn’t support the Mac for their Zune syncing software, so unless I use a Windows-based PC I can’t continue using my Zune HD. Currently, I still have my Quad-Core Win7 PC running for recording TV shows for my Zune, but that is the only thing I use it for these days.

So, at some point in the near future I’ll probably get an Apple iPod Touch since it is compatible with my new iMac (as well as Microsoft Windows PCs). In that case, I won’t be using my favorite tool, DVRMSToolbox, to remove commercials an convert my recorded video to Zune-format. I’ll need to find a whole new set of tools and methods for doing my TV recording and conversions, etc.

As it turns out, there is a product designed specifically for the Apple Mac called EyeTV HD which takes digital component input and can record it to a mp4 movie file. It also has an IR blaster control, so it can change the channel of a Cable Set Topbox. Similar to what I’m doing now, but I’ll need to get a “real” set topbox that has digital HD component output.

Since my birthday is coming up next month, I’ll probably have the Apple iPod on my wife’s buy list. So my trusty Zune HD will most like be sitting in my desk drawer until who knows when it will be recalled to service…