Moving to the darkside….

I’ve recently switched from my Windows 7 desktop PC to an Apple iMac running OS X, so I think my Zune HD days are numbered. The reason being, Microsoft doesn’t support the Mac for their Zune syncing software, so unless I use a Windows-based PC I can’t continue using my Zune HD. Currently, I still have my Quad-Core Win7 PC running for recording TV shows for my Zune, but that is the only thing I use it for these days.

So, at some point in the near future I’ll probably get an Apple iPod Touch since it is compatible with my new iMac (as well as Microsoft Windows PCs). In that case, I won’t be using my favorite tool, DVRMSToolbox, to remove commercials an convert my recorded video to Zune-format. I’ll need to find a whole new set of tools and methods for doing my TV recording and conversions, etc.

As it turns out, there is a product designed specifically for the Apple Mac called EyeTV HD which takes digital component input and can record it to a mp4 movie file. It also has an IR blaster control, so it can change the channel of a Cable Set Topbox. Similar to what I’m doing now, but I’ll need to get a “real” set topbox that has digital HD component output.

Since my birthday is coming up next month, I’ll probably have the Apple iPod on my wife’s buy list. So my trusty Zune HD will most like be sitting in my desk drawer until who knows when it will be recalled to service…


8 thoughts on “Moving to the darkside….

  1. Robert Davis says:

    We’ll miss you Luke. Just remember Steve Jobs only wants your money & not only once but every year. He’ll come out with something new that you just have to have to keep up. You’ll be paying for every major software update also. So good luck living in Steves world if you can afford it. You also got the analagy wrong, he’s not Darth Vador he’s the Anti-Christ.

  2. zunetips says:

    I should have anticipated my posting would dredge up the old Apple-vs-Microsoft responses. In my opinion, computers and hardware are simply commodities. They are simply tools which I use, and I try to get the best tool for my needs. My choice isn’t based on a technological religion or politics, just based on good products.

    In my opinion, the Apple iPod Touch is a darn good product. That’s why so many people own them in the world. I think my Zune HD is a great piece of hardware, but the simple fact that I can’t use it on my new iMac prevents me from continuing to use it. I hope Microsoft comes out with great products in the future, as it continues to raise the bar for other vendors to create even better products.

  3. Adam K says:

    We’ll miss you on the “light side”, but well-wishes for your future. Keep us informed with what you do next, especially if it involves video conversion stuff for iPhone/iPod Touch (shh I own an iPhone)

  4. zunetips says:

    I certainly will. Let’s hope that Microsoft has some amazing media products in the near future to give Apple and others a run for their money!

  5. Will B. says:

    You can run Windows in a VMWare or VIrtualbox and still use your Zune HD that way.

  6. zunetips says:

    Will: That is true. The only problem, is that you need to install a Windows OS (WinXP, Win Vista, Win 7) into the virtualization software and that’s an added expense of $100+. I’m actually testing VMWare Fusion on my iMac with Windows 7 32-bit and it seems to perform really well. So, if I keep VMWare Fusion installed and purchase it an option would be to keep using my Zune with the Zune Syncing Software. The real advantage to switching to an iPod Touch, is that the device integrates into the iTunes software on my Mac very tightly. That’s the nice thing about the Apple products (Mac, IPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) they all sync and integrate well with each other.

    BTW, in VMWare Fusion I can fire up an application in just 10 seconds if I save a VMWare Fusion session in “suspend” mode. So, there’s no long delays in startup, Windows booting, etc. if I just want to run a specific application.

  7. jarmod says:

    Microsoft has just announced a Zune client for the Mac.

  8. zunetips says:

    MS announced a Zune client for the Mac, but none is currently available. Since they created this client to support their new Windows 7 Phone OS (which I believe was based on the Zune OS), it most likely won’t be available until after the Windows 7 Phones are released (first wave after the 1st week of November).

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