What is the fate of the Zune?

All eyes are now focused on the release of the Microsoft Phone 7 devices, which has already been released in Europe and will be available in the US early next month. There’s obvious comparisons between the Zune HD and Phone 7, as their operating systems seem to have the same origins. In fact, the Zune Software is going to be used as the main conduit for syncing, purchasing, and loading material onto the Phone 7 devices (much like how Apple uses iTunes for similar functionality with their iPod/iPhone/iPad devices). So what’s up with the Zune media devices?

That’s a really good question, as there has been very little talk of new Zunes appearing for the holiday season. Currently, the only offering is the Zune HD and I’ve seen very little of those devices at my local stores. I so see lots and lots of iPods and iPads at stores like Best Buy and Target lately.

Will the Zune HD fade into extinction? Or will Microsoft take a wait-and-see approach to how well Phone 7 works out, and then build upon that technology and platform for a next-generation Zune? Similar to what Apple has with their iPhone and iPod Touch?


One thought on “What is the fate of the Zune?

  1. Vishal says:

    I really loved using the old 32 GB Zune and was thrilled to hear the announcement of Zune HD. I got the Zune HD just a few days after it was released, with high hopes that Microsoft finally learned how to make their media player “cool” with a gorgeous touchscreen, apps, wireless sync, etc. Months went by and Microsoft did not release any useful apps (not even a simple calendar or calculator). I tried very hard to give the Zune HD a chance and kept using it hoping that some day there will be some more apps. Then Microsoft announced Phone 7 and seems that even the very little effort that they were putting into developing any apps/games has stopped. The new Zune software does nothing for the Zune HD.

    It’s truly very disappointing.

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