Favorite TV Shows come and go…

It’s about that time when some of my favorite TV shows pass away (i.e., not get renewed) and new ones are born. The latest passing is Caprica, a spinoff from Battlestar Galactica. I was really getting into the show as the main Cylon character was growing, but I guess we’ll never see what happens unless the SyFy channel releases the remaining shows on DVD.

Another show that seems to be on the network bubble for cancellation is Stargate Universe, which I’ll admit started off with a slow pace but is now speeding up a bit. At the beginning it seemed too much like the previous Stargate Atlantis show (i.e., SG team gets stranged far, far away from earth with undiscovered ancient technology and new bad guys to fight), but it now seems to be headed in a different direction. I especially like the character Dr. Rush, who seems to have a very hidden agenda.

One of my new favorite shows is The Walking Dead on the AMC cable channel. I’m normally not too keen on zombie or un-dead shows, but this one seems really different. Kinda creepy with the thought that anyone can become a zombie if they are infected. I really like the characters, and the fact that the show’s writers haven’t fully explained what happened to cause this worldwide (I’m presuming) epidemic. I hope they slowly reveal the cause over the course of the season and make it suspenseful. Note, that this show reminds me of the British movie titled 28 Days which had a very similar premise.

Another of my favorite shows is The Event on NBC, which is moving along at a slow pace. I think the writers will need to pick up the pace or it might fall victim like the show Flash Forward (which was cancelled earlier this year).




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