The End of the Zune… RIP

Looks like Microsoft is ending the life of the Zune HD, and will no longer be developing any future Zune media players. Personally, I switched from an Zune to an Apple iPod Touch last year, primarily because the Zune HD wasn’t compatible with my new Apple iMac desktop system. I really liked the small, compact Zune HD for videos and music, but it seems that it never really caught on due to a lot of factors.

First, people love apps and that was one thing the Apple iPod Touch had over the Zune HD big time. Second, the iPod Touch had a bigger screen than the Zune and the battery life was phenomenal. And third, Apple and their distributors really marketed the heck out of the iPod Touch while Microsoft and company did squat for advertising. The result– the Zune didn’t really make a dent in Apple’s dominance in the media player marketplace.

Microsoft stated that they will continue to keep the Zune Marketplace alive for use with the Windows Phone 7 devices, which will now take over for the defunct Zune HD. In fact, I predict that if the WP7 devices catch on, Microsoft will release a WP7 device without the phone component (ala, iPod Touch).

So for you Zune lovers out their, it seems your beloved Zune HD may have its days numbered. Once your built-in battery stops holding a charge, you’ll probably have to jump ship to the dark side or wait for Microsoft to release some sort of replacement!