I’m a new Zune 80 owner and I started this Blog to provide information to other new Zune users. I’ve never owned an MP3, iPod, or any other multimedia device before, so the information I’m providing will be from a novice’s perspective. Although I’m learning quickly about buying music online, podcasting, video conversion and editing, etc., I do have to say that I’ve been using Pocket PC devices for similar functions for the last 6 years, so I’m not totally green with this technology.

I recently purchased a PVR-150 TV Tuner card for my home Vista system, so you’ll most likely see postings regarding my use of that Tuner card, Windows Media Center, video conversions, etc.

I’ll try my best to have new, relevant postings every day or two, so you can always signup with the RSS feed to keep up with new info. I’ll try to stay on the topic related to Zunes, but you might get an off-topic posting (rant) now and then!