Forum Links

Here’s a set of links to some useful Zune sites, forums, and blogs:

  • – An excellent forum where Zune users can post questions and answers, express their opinions, and voice their concerns. This forum is very, very active so there’s lots of good information flowing. If you have a question, you be sure someone on this forum will help out!
  • – This is a blog site that has frequent updated information. Definitely worth checking out for Zune information.
  • – The main site for Microsoft’s Zune product. Here is where you can download the latest Zune Software for your PC, get user guides and manuals, and sign up for a Zune account.
  • – This site is very similar to the site that I use to visit (when I actively used my Pocket PC device), and they do have a forum. However, it isn’t as active as the forum on the site so I don’t visit it much.
  • -Another active forum site where you can get Zune information and answers to your questions.
  • -An interesting web site that discusses the inners of your Zune device. If you’re curious to what the inside of your Zune looks like, check out this site.